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Social Work Essays

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Sexual Health for Learning Disabilities

A social workers should act in the best interests of their clients, the service users, and engage in anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive practice.

Factors for Youth Drug Use

This study examines a small sample of males aged between 11 and 18, and through unstructured interviews ascertains the reasons for their drug use.

Child Care Principles in Social Work

This paper seeks to explore the principles of collaborative work and highlight why it is necessary that inter-agency work is successful and efficient…

Social Work Partnership Management Case Study

Examine the case study above and analyze the potential conflicts in values between the school, parent and the police. On the basis of your professional…

Service User Participation Case Study

Service user participation is an integral part of social work practice and stems from the concept of the empowerment of service users.

Community Development for Race and Diversity

In this essay we will discuss community development considering the perspective of racial diversity and focus on the cooperation between mainstream groups.

Concepts of Indigenous Australian Cultures

The English language has no exact word or phrase that depicts The Dreaming and each Indigenous Australian language groups has its own term to refer…

Case Study: Depression and Dementia Care

Mr X is a 78 years old gentleman who has been admitted to a busy dementia unit six months ago. He was admitted from home following increasing lethargy…

Mental Health Groups: Theories and Methods

At times people feel alone, with group such as mental health treatment groups, members don’t have to feel alone and can relate to each other.

Role of Self Control in Juvenile Delinquency

The behavioral science field has for a long time searched to find the best way to explain the broad ranges of criminal behavior. Numerous theories have…

Person Centred Approach for Depression

The main purpose of the report is to demonstrate an understanding social work theory for practice person-centred approach in relation to adults with…