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Arts Essays

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Giotto Di Bondone’s Style and Technique

Giotto was a Florentine painter and architect who was recognized as an artistic genius and protagonist during the Italian Renaissance.

Chateau De Fontainebleau: Decorative Themes

This essay will look at the style characteristics of the decoration visible today focusing on the frescoes in the Gallery of Francois I and the bronze…

Analysing Public Art and Geography

An essay on interdisciplinary themes of space, art and gender. It will demonstrate how human geography engages with visual art, and how the…

Sudha Chandran: Biography and Profile

Her life inspires people from all walks of life. Six months after the amputation she came across an article which changed her life and staged the…

Depictions of Paranoia in Art Exhibitions

In this essay I will look at a selection of art from the exhibition entitled “Paranoia” situated at the Freud Museum. The exhibition is…

Influences of Egyptian Art on Art Deco

Explore how the London exhibition of these findings was of great significance to the worlds of fashion & interiors in the 1970’s and how many designers…

Giorgio Vasari on Lorenzo Ghiberti

Vasari’s book was divided into three parts that corresponded to three ‘ages’ of Renaissance art, roughly equivalent to the thirteenth, fourteenth…

Impacts of Public Art on Society

For this essay I shall examine how art is used to encourage certain changes in human behaviour, both mentally and physically.

Black Representation in Postbellum Era Art

In the following essay, I will look briefly at the history of black representation in the art of post-bellum America, than engage in a closer analysis…

Effects of Art Censorship on Society

The world of art is a highly subjective field, in which the purpose, benefit, usefulness and or beauty is a representation of the beholder.

Literature as a Form of Art and Expression

The purpose of this essay is to examine literary creativity within the context that views all sides of the coin. This being said general and broad…

Reception of Video Art in Galleries

The aim of this essay is to critically examine this claim, and see how the setting of video art affects the perception of such art.

Debates on Modernist Art Installations

There is an underlying debate which unfortunately shrouds the merits of institutional participation, relegating their role to that of a corporate…